Photo by Sydney Marie Photography 

Photo by Sydney Marie Photography 


When I'm not behind the camera, or moving my family across the country, you can find me:

  • chasing pedestrians off NYC sidewalks with my three over-confident scootering boyfriends
  • walking blocks and blocks of avenues and avenues with my Bradley Cooper doppleganger of a husband so I can:
  • BRUNCH and/or FOOD TRUCK-it
  • saddling up in that minivan adventuring the heck out of these weekends
  • dating my husband via bottomless bowls of popcorn
  • paddle-boarding, hiking, but also chilling harder than the best of them 
  • pretending I'm real-life best friends with Mindy Kaling and Jimmy Fallon
  • serving in my church or wrangling three boys at church
  • trying to be present and real in each and every raw moment this beautiful life gives me, surrounded by the people I love. 

Do you think we'd be friends? I think so too! Let's capture some real moments, shall we?


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